CONTEMPLATE DIVINE GOODNESS🌟2/22/22 💖 2’sday Prayer🌟

An invitation to being open to the glory and love of God:


What gifts do you carry with you from generations before you? What gifts do you want to leave with the generations who follow you? Mary proclaims in song that God gives mercy to every generation. What other gifts of Christmas do you treasure?

FROM THE DEPTHS OF MY HEART🌟 12/14/2021 🎄Tuesday 🌟

Drawing upon Mary’s Song after she greets Elizabeth, the AdventWord today is Exult. Please join me in prayer:

💫 Rock-a My Soul 💫🌟 11/30/2021 🌟 Tuesday 🌟

SOUL! Such a deep and meaningful word. I see it as seeping into the very depths of our Being, drawing forth those raw emotions, like those expressed in the Blues. Our Soul as the very essence of who we are, that we may not even know fully ourselves. Advent speaks to the time needed toContinue reading “💫 Rock-a My Soul 💫🌟 11/30/2021 🌟 Tuesday 🌟”

THANKFUL FOR THE BUSY ONES… 11/23/2021 …. Tuesday! …

Have you ever tried being thankful in all things? For all the people in your life? My prayer is for those we may not naturally say thank you for:

GIVING THANKS IN ALL THINGS… 11/02/21 …. Tuesday …

One thing that I love about November is that many people use it as a reminder to give thanks for something or someone every day. Some people and things are easier to be grateful for than others. I am convinced we can find things to be grateful about, however, in every circumstance and in everyContinue reading “GIVING THANKS IN ALL THINGS… 11/02/21 …. Tuesday …”

. LIFE IS A GIFT . 10/19/21 . Tuesday Prayer

Prayer Starter: To rejoice in the Ordinary Each day we are given the Gift of Life. No matter how hard the gift may be to open or if we get hurt trying to open our gift, the Gift is still waiting on us to accept it and rejoice in it. Spiritual Practice for today: WriteContinue reading “. LIFE IS A GIFT . 10/19/21 . Tuesday Prayer”


In the down times, we probably don’t feel like joy at all, much less to try to think about joy. Sometimes, it feels better to grieve or whine. Yet joy comes from deep within. Joy comes from knowing The Higher Power is a Power That Comes to Us, Connects With Us, Dwells Within Us. ThisContinue reading “LISTEN FOR THE JOY . 10/13/21”