πŸ’« Rock-a My Soul πŸ’«πŸŒŸ 11/30/2021 🌟 Tuesday πŸŒŸ

SOUL! Such a deep and meaningful word. I see it as seeping into the very depths of our Being, drawing forth those raw emotions, like those expressed in the Blues. Our Soul as the very essence of who we are, that we may not even know fully ourselves. Advent speaks to the time needed toContinue reading “πŸ’« Rock-a My Soul πŸ’«πŸŒŸ 11/30/2021 🌟 Tuesday πŸŒŸ”

GLORY ON TAP β€” 6/8/2021 β€” HOME COMMUNION β€” β€” SUNDAY β€” β€”

I am so glad that perfection does not mean never making a mistake, but living fully with love. I am so glad troubles around us do not mean that we are being punished; instead they can be looked past to the tastes of glory and the fullness of God. I am so glad that noContinue reading “GLORY ON TAP β€” 6/8/2021 β€” HOME COMMUNION β€” β€” SUNDAY β€” β€””

GOT TROUBLES?June 2,2021 – Wednesday

It made me laugh when I realized that the internet wasn’t going to cooperate! Just one of those troubles that can rise up and exasperate. Jesus did not lack his share of troubles. He held on and kept going with GOD LOVE holding him up. This morning, I pray as we deal with those troublingContinue reading “GOT TROUBLES?June 2,2021 – Wednesday”

HOW DO YOU TAP INTO HAPPY? – 5/14/2021 – Friday

I actually used to like doing taxes. Going through receipts would bring back happy memories of the past year, or remind me of things that caused me angst which didn’t destroy me after all. Putting it all together was like working on a puzzle. But now that puzzle seems to have turned into a 3-DContinue reading “HOW DO YOU TAP INTO HAPPY? – 5/14/2021 – Friday”


Whether on your feet or in the car, whether you love the Blues like I do, whether you like people or not, let’s join together in living harmoniously. Psalm 19:14 – can you put it to music? Here are my ponderings and prayer:


I love this word: REBUILD! For me this is HOPE! Our brokenness can be made whole, loss leads to newness, our weary bodies are being renewed each day! Celebrate with me! Cat lovers, you will like this one.

Tip Top Tuesday

I can use as much help with cleaning as I can possibly get! For a short time, I rented out one of the rooms in our house. One morning I came downstairs and my renter had cleaned the kitchen. I think I sat down and cried. I had been trying to carry everything on myContinue reading “Tip Top Tuesday”