WHEN IT IS TOO MUCH 🔥 Thursday Morning Prayer


Easter Monday Faith

This was meant for Easter Monday when the celebrations of Sunday have moved on and the pain of losses are still there, sometimes even more so.It is in these Low Times that Easter faith becomes so important. Life is constantly being renewed, transformed, shaped for the adventure of the moment. Our losses are part ofContinue reading “Easter Monday Faith”

🌟🎄FEED MY PEOPLE 🎄🌟🕯12/20/2021 🕯 Monday🕯

Open our hearts to receive. Open our hands to feed. Let go of junk food and find your fill on the Bread of Life. https://www.facebook.com/andshepondered/videos/199928819019567/

🌟JUST WHAT IS JUSTICE🌟 💫12/02/21.💫 Thursday. 💫 🌟ADVENTWORD🌟

My pondering and prayer this morning is a reflection on the Advent Word of the day: JUSTICE. I invite you to join with me: https://www.facebook.com/andshepondered/videos/300913425245321/

STRONGER WITH… 9/30/2021 … Thursday …

We are created to help and to be helped. We are stronger when we work together. Jesus tells his disciples that he will send the Holy Spirit as a Helper to them when he is no longer with them in the flesh. The same word, Helper, is used in Genesis as Adamah is created fromContinue reading “STRONGER WITH… 9/30/2021 … Thursday …”

WHEN WILL I EVER LEARN?!…. 8/13/2021 ….. Friday ….

What is your take on Wisdom Literature? On the Wisdom Traditions in religion? Do you see similar threads flowing across these traditions? Truthfully, I think that learning is a lifelong process. I am rejoicing today because I was able to help a little girl get her birth certificate so she can go to “school” likeContinue reading “WHEN WILL I EVER LEARN?!…. 8/13/2021 ….. Friday ….”

BITTERSWEET LOVE…. 8/6/2021 ….

Love is vulnerable. The blessings, the joys, the growth can all be beyond words. Yet, love unlocks the metal doors encasing our hearts, allowing heartbreak to saunter on in. Love gives us a choice. We can celebrate and rejoice in the amazing goodness of love and be grateful or we can take that part forContinue reading “BITTERSWEET LOVE…. 8/6/2021 ….”

WHAT DOES IT TAKE?!… 7/28/2021 … Wednesday ..

What do you think your potential is? Do you think it matches what your Creator sees as your potential? One of the reasons that I love the Olympics is seeing people realize they have greater potential than they thought. One of the issues I have with the Olympics is the stress it can put onContinue reading “WHAT DOES IT TAKE?!… 7/28/2021 … Wednesday ..”