ON THE THIRD DAY OF CHRISTMAS🎄12/27/21 🎁 Monday Prayer 🎄

… My True Love Gave To Me, … What are the gifts that your True Love, The Holy One, has given to you? What gifts are you aware of? What gifts give you strength, courage, peace? What gifts are you using and what gifts do you need to pick up more? Today, my specific prayerContinue reading “ON THE THIRD DAY OF CHRISTMAS🎄12/27/21 🎁 Monday Prayer 🎄”

HELP IS HERE 12/23/2021

Good morning! As I sit at the laptop this morning, I realize how spoiled I have become by having the normal ease of my telephone to allow me to Go Live and send messages and such. Last night, I ran a quick errand, and without realizing it, dropped my phone in the parking lot. IContinue reading “HELP IS HERE 12/23/2021”

🌟🎄🕯WE MAGNIFY OUR BELIEFS🕯🎄🌟🎄12/22/21 🌟 Wednesday🎄

Giving glory and paying attention to what we magnify in our lives: https://www.facebook.com/andshepondered/videos/2092614440886041/


What gifts do you carry with you from generations before you? What gifts do you want to leave with the generations who follow you? Mary proclaims in song that God gives mercy to every generation. What other gifts of Christmas do you treasure? https://www.facebook.com/andshepondered/videos/1281985108891335/

🌟🎄FEED MY PEOPLE 🎄🌟🕯12/20/2021 🕯 Monday🕯

Open our hearts to receive. Open our hands to feed. Let go of junk food and find your fill on the Bread of Life. https://www.facebook.com/andshepondered/videos/199928819019567/

DONE! 💫 12/03/21 🌟 Friday Prayer

Advent word for today is fulfill. That brought to mind the lectionary scripture for Sunday in Philippians 1:3-11. Joy is fulfilled in us as we live in relationship with the Spirit of Christ. Let Christ be born in us all! Let the fruits of Love and Faith and Kindness and Peace and Joy be filledContinue reading “DONE! 💫 12/03/21 🌟 Friday Prayer”

HOPE DOES NOT DIE … 11/28/21 ..Advent Week One Communion

https://www.facebook.com/andshepondered/videos/283034430425111/ What does the word PROMISE evoke in you? Is it a word that brings Hope or a word that carries disappointment? Is a word that brings out a desire to offer Hope by your actions? Does it cause you to stop and consider what is the Promise you would like to see fulfilled? DoesContinue reading “HOPE DOES NOT DIE … 11/28/21 ..Advent Week One Communion”