DONE! πŸ’« 12/03/21 🌟 Friday Prayer

Advent word for today is fulfill. That brought to mind the lectionary scripture for Sunday in Philippians 1:3-11. Joy is fulfilled in us as we live in relationship with the Spirit of Christ. Let Christ be born in us all! Let the fruits of Love and Faith and Kindness and Peace and Joy be filledContinue reading “DONE! πŸ’« 12/03/21 🌟 Friday Prayer”

HOPE DOES NOT DIE … 11/28/21 ..Advent Week One Communion What does the word PROMISE evoke in you? Is it a word that brings Hope or a word that carries disappointment? Is a word that brings out a desire to offer Hope by your actions? Does it cause you to stop and consider what is the Promise you would like to see fulfilled? DoesContinue reading “HOPE DOES NOT DIE … 11/28/21 ..Advent Week One Communion”


Ritual grounds us. It connects us to the familiar and to the Loving Spirit. In those moments when we are participating in ritual, we may become aware of the blessings, the surprises, the wonders and joys, the callings given to us. I invite you to join me in the Ritual of Holy Communion Online.


I had to edit this live post because I tried to add music that I thought was in the public domain and wasn’t. I decided to edit the ending while I was at it because I kept knocking the candles over. Shouldn’t I just skip posting it? I definitely considered it, but I couldn’t skipContinue reading “LIGHTING THE CHRIST CANDLE 12.24.2020”


The AdventWord for today is MYSTERY. I relish being open to the wonder, the awe, the mystery of The Holy.People from the beginning of time have worshiped according to their understanding of the Holy. Eventually people began to claim their mother goddess or father god as belonging to them, their nation. Wars were fought andContinue reading “MYSTERY; BEYOND KNOWING 12.21.2020”


Have you ever realized how much easier it is to rejoice when you are noticing the positives in life, like loving acts, smiles, beauty, simple kindness? Today, I light the Advent Candle of Love and the AdventWord for today is Rejoice. I knew Love was the theme for this week, so I had been ponderingContinue reading “LOVE IS ALL AROUND: REJOICE!”