Before I can figure out one social media’s how-to, it’s off to another one! As confusing as it can be, it can also stretch us and bless us, and maybe bring some good news to others. “Can anything good come from Nazareth?” is the question Nathaniel asks Phillip in The Gospel of John. Can anythingContinue reading “TRYING SOMETHING NEW MORNING PRAYER JANUARY 13, 2021”


Jesus’ baptism began his ministry where he showed us what it means to love. Throughout his life, he broke down barriers, and in his death, we are told that the Temple veil ripped apart, so that there are no barriers between us and our Creator and each other. We are beloved daughters and sons ofContinue reading “TBE FAMILY TABLE 01.10.2021 COMMUNION”

WHO ARE YOU? 01.09.2021

The Christian church calendar moves pretty quickly from Jesus’ birth to his baptism. The gospel of Mark starts with John the Baptist and from there introduces us to Jesus. This Sunday, we are asked to remember our baptism. I am reading a book which posits that we all need to spend time looking inward toContinue reading “WHO ARE YOU? 01.09.2021”

WHEW! 01.08.2021

I never saw the movie, “Waiting to Exhale,” but I know the feeling. Some events have such a build-up that when they finally happen, “whew! It’s over.” And then, it’s time to inhale and jump over the next hurdle. Today, I am thankful for those moments of rest between those hurdles letting us refill ourContinue reading “WHEW! 01.08.2021”