PARTICIPATING IN 🌟BLESSING LIFE🌟🕯01/16/2022 🕯Home Communion🕯

May the Holy Blessings Fill Your Cup!

🕯🕯LOVE TOUCHED🕯🕯🕯🎄12/19/21 🎄 Home 🎄 🕯🎄🌟🕯Communion 🕯🌟🎄

Anytime, Anywhere, I invite you to open yourself to the Holy Gifts of Hope, Peace, Joy, Love, New Birth. On this 4th Sunday of Advent, may we all join in Communion and Celebrate The Holy Love within us that we may bless and be blessed.

FROM THE DEPTHS OF MY HEART🌟 12/14/2021 🎄Tuesday 🌟

Drawing upon Mary’s Song after she greets Elizabeth, the AdventWord today is Exult. Please join me in prayer:

🌟THE SHARING LESSON🌟🎄12/13/2021 🌟 Monday 🎄

Our parents and teachers got it right when they taught us to share. Seeing sharing in action is a beautiful treasure. Each of us has something we can share. Even a smile, a handshake, a hello can brighten a day and a life. We each have a light within that needs to be shared. MyContinue reading “🌟THE SHARING LESSON🌟🎄12/13/2021 🌟 Monday 🎄”

HOPE DOES NOT DIE … 11/28/21 ..Advent Week One Communion What does the word PROMISE evoke in you? Is it a word that brings Hope or a word that carries disappointment? Is a word that brings out a desire to offer Hope by your actions? Does it cause you to stop and consider what is the Promise you would like to see fulfilled? DoesContinue reading “HOPE DOES NOT DIE … 11/28/21 ..Advent Week One Communion”

… NO LIMITS! ….. 11/14/2021 ….… Sunday Home Communion ..

She said, “I want to talk about Jesus. What does Jesus mean to you? Where does Jesus show up? How does ‘In the Name of Jesus’ bring power in your life?” And I turn to the beginning of I Samuel, to the story of Hannah and Elkanah, and Peninnah also. It is a story ofContinue reading “… NO LIMITS! ….. 11/14/2021 ….… Sunday Home Communion ..”