FOR THE ARTISTS OF ALL TYPES… 10/22/2021 … Friday …

I am thankful for the beauty that surrounds us in music, visuals, sweet aromas, tangible gifts of Holy Beauty. I am thankful for each and every one who pours out their heart in a way that brings hope, joy, love, life to others. My blessings on all the artists!

. LIFE IS A GIFT . 10/19/21 . Tuesday Prayer

Prayer Starter: To rejoice in the Ordinary Each day we are given the Gift of Life. No matter how hard the gift may be to open or if we get hurt trying to open our gift, the Gift is still waiting on us to accept it and rejoice in it. Spiritual Practice for today: WriteContinue reading “. LIFE IS A GIFT . 10/19/21 . Tuesday Prayer”

SHINING BRIGHT . Mark 10:35-45.Home Communion . 10/17/21 .

Accepting the Cup of Christ is not a putting oneself down. It is believing in oneself enough to know that you can make a difference, that you can bring blessing, that the power of life dwells in you. You are invited to share at this Table of Love:

STRONGER WITH… 9/30/2021 … Thursday …

We are created to help and to be helped. We are stronger when we work together. Jesus tells his disciples that he will send the Holy Spirit as a Helper to them when he is no longer with them in the flesh. The same word, Helper, is used in Genesis as Adamah is created fromContinue reading “STRONGER WITH… 9/30/2021 … Thursday …”


One of my favorite grandson stories is from a time when we were visiting in New York City for my son’s graduation ceremonies. Ryan had been overwhelmed by much of the stimulus during the trip, the train, the train station, and we were concerned because we had to take him on the subway that morning.Continue reading “LISTEN CLOSELY AND I WILL TELL YOU A MYSTERY…. 9/22/2021 … Wednesday”

WHERE IS YOUR POWER?… 9/20/2021 … Monday …

I like to post right after I pray so it is fresh on my mind. Lately, I haven’t been able to get it all in. This week the scripture has a theme of power, not power over, but power with. Power with love, with listening, with caring, with the Divinity. Have you ever thought howContinue reading “WHERE IS YOUR POWER?… 9/20/2021 … Monday …”

OUT OF OUR MOUTHS … … ..9/6/2021 … Monday…

Words are powerful. Our words can bless and bring encouragement. Our words can curse and bring pain and discouragement. At Sunset today, the Jewish New Year begins. The religious tradition is to offer blessing upon the new year. May each of us, regardless of our faith or tradition, offer blessing on this and every day.Continue reading “OUT OF OUR MOUTHS … … ..9/6/2021 … Monday…”