ROCK OF AGES 🕯 5/20/2023 For safe places to pray and live …

MUSTARD SEED POWER Most people want to change the world for the better, but aren’t sure what to do, or how to make that happen. And yet, each of us has the ability to do a mustard seed act, to share mustard seed love and welcome, to be a mustard seed of hope .  The giftContinue reading “MUSTARD SEED POWER”

LOVE REMAINS❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 Monday Morning Prayer We are not left abandoned, even when our dearest ones have gone from our lives. Love remains, and we can be that love for each other. Thank you for joining me in prayer. 

Easter Monday Faith

This was meant for Easter Monday when the celebrations of Sunday have moved on and the pain of losses are still there, sometimes even more so.It is in these Low Times that Easter faith becomes so important. Life is constantly being renewed, transformed, shaped for the adventure of the moment. Our losses are part ofContinue reading “Easter Monday Faith”


I recently heard someone say, “Do something that you can lose yourself in.” … I think I must be really good at that. I have the amazing ability to lose track of time. I wasn’t surprised to discover that I hadn’t posted in WordPress since December. I tend to be a morning person but IContinue reading “CATCHING UP DAY 2-12-23”

Time to Re-build, Re-start, Re-new?Home Communion with Ryan 11.6.22

Life doesn’t need to be hopeless. Please join us in Communion and draw strength from The One Who is The Source of All Good Things.

What Stops the Thanks🕯 Sometimes I just need to stop and realize the blessings are still pouring in. It is me who needs to refocus from anxiety to gratitude.

Soaring Like Eagles 9.21.22 It is in relying on Holy Love that we realize how much we are supported, held up, and even able to soar through the tough times. The Facebook link is an invitation to pray we me this morning.