. LIFE IS A GIFT . 10/19/21 . Tuesday Prayer

Prayer Starter: To rejoice in the Ordinary Each day we are given the Gift of Life. No matter how hard the gift may be to open or if we get hurt trying to open our gift, the Gift is still waiting on us to accept it and rejoice in it. Spiritual Practice for today: WriteContinue reading “. LIFE IS A GIFT . 10/19/21 . Tuesday Prayer”

HEALING INSIDE OUT… 9/29/2021 …. Wednesday…

Spiritual Practice: Take a few minutes to sit quietly with your eyes closed, breathing, deeply, slowly. As you inhale, visualize breathing in God’s Healing Love for you. As you exhale, remind yourself that you are loved, that you are not your trauma, that you are not at fault for harm done by others. Forgive yourselfContinue reading “HEALING INSIDE OUT… 9/29/2021 …. Wednesday…”

I STILL FEEL THE WORDS… 9/23/2021 …. Thursday

What words still resonate in your body? Were you told you were precious, precocious, picky, or a pest? Were you told you were a beauty or a brat? So smart or so stupid? Growing and learning or incapable and doomed to be a failure? Those words have power. What words do you find yourself using?Continue reading “I STILL FEEL THE WORDS… 9/23/2021 …. Thursday”

WHERE IS YOUR POWER?… 9/20/2021 … Monday …

I like to post right after I pray so it is fresh on my mind. Lately, I haven’t been able to get it all in. This week the scripture has a theme of power, not power over, but power with. Power with love, with listening, with caring, with the Divinity. Have you ever thought howContinue reading “WHERE IS YOUR POWER?… 9/20/2021 … Monday …”

OUT OF OUR MOUTHS … … ..9/6/2021 … Monday…

Words are powerful. Our words can bless and bring encouragement. Our words can curse and bring pain and discouragement. At Sunset today, the Jewish New Year begins. The religious tradition is to offer blessing upon the new year. May each of us, regardless of our faith or tradition, offer blessing on this and every day.Continue reading “OUT OF OUR MOUTHS … … ..9/6/2021 … Monday…”

…… PROTECTIVE JOY ….…8/18/2021 …. Wednesday….

How does one have joy in the midst of pain? How does one have peace within a chaotic, destructive world? How does one love with a broken heart? My thoughts turn to prayer, to taking those deep breaths of connection to the Source of Life. With a little more time, I suggest drawing, writing, dancing,Continue reading “…… PROTECTIVE JOY ….…8/18/2021 …. Wednesday….”