EMBRACE THE MYSTERY – – May 16,2021 – Home Communion

Despite what your professor may think, some things are to be experienced rather than known. I could hashtag some people here, but that would defeat the purpose of experiencing heaven meeting earth in a unsearchable love, energy, mystery. You are invited to join me in Home Communion:

Experiences of the NewMarch 4, 2021Thursday

How did you handle experiences of the new? Do you feel excitement going to new places? Do you feel a little uncertain as to what might be expected of you? Do you have outright fear of having to meet new people, learn new rules, finding your way around in new places? This morning with theContinue reading “Experiences of the NewMarch 4, 2021Thursday”


How good it is to have a sturdy hand to reach out to when we are stuck or have fallen! How important is the ministry of presence! In the “stay 6 feet apart” state of affairs, being present takes some creativity. Jesus reminds us of his presence as we gather around The Table of Love,Continue reading “LIFTED UPHOME COMMUNION 02.07.2021”