I recently heard someone say, “Do something that you can lose yourself in.” … I think I must be really good at that. I have the amazing ability to lose track of time. I wasn’t surprised to discover that I hadn’t posted in WordPress since December. I tend to be a morning person but IContinue reading “CATCHING UP DAY 2-12-23”

Trick or treaters are coming! What are we giving out? 10.31.2022 On this day before all hallows day, a day where we seek to be open to the spiritual all around us, may we not only pass out candy or trinkets but may we also let go of anything distracting us from the Holy.

IN CHRIST 🕯💖🕯6/19/2022

Please join me in Home Communion:

🌟 THE WAY 🌟 12/01/2021 🌟

How do you walk in The Way of Christ? My prayer this morning is that when we follow on The Way, we will live as Jesus did, putting our love for God, others, ourselves first. I pray we will not berate (bear-ate: don’t let the bear of destruction eat you up) ourselves and others. IContinue reading “🌟 THE WAY 🌟 12/01/2021 🌟”


I am also so thankful to have the internet now!

THANKSGIVING FOR LISTENING…. 11/05/2021 …. Friday …

Being truly listened to so that you feel heard is one of the greatest gifts to receive. Learning to truly listen to others and to beautiful sounds around us is also a gift. Today, I give thanks for listening ears.

EMBRACE THE MYSTERY – – May 16,2021 – Home Communion

Despite what your professor may think, some things are to be experienced rather than known. I could hashtag some people here, but that would defeat the purpose of experiencing heaven meeting earth in a unsearchable love, energy, mystery. You are invited to join me in Home Communion: