Prayer Starers for 10/31-11/6/2022 I know we are told all the time to be thankful, to take care of ourselves, and all kinds of other things which are supposed to make our life better. To discover if any of these claims are true, we have to try them out. As November begins, I think it is a greatContinue reading “Prayer Starers for 10/31-11/6/2022”

What Stops the Thanks🕯 Sometimes I just need to stop and realize the blessings are still pouring in. It is me who needs to refocus from anxiety to gratitude.

SHOPPING FOR GRACE & PEACE… 11/26/21 … Frantic Friday or not In my thanksgiving for those who plan ahead, who zoom out on “Black Friday” with their lists, I realized that we can do a different kind of shopping. We can shop without the frenzy, without the disappointments of no money or not finding what you are looking for. We can “shop” for spiritual giftsContinue reading “SHOPPING FOR GRACE & PEACE… 11/26/21 … Frantic Friday or not”

THE OTHER SIDE OF HAPPY .. . 11/24/2021 . Wednesday .

My wishes and blessings to all for a Happy Thanksgiving! No matter where you live. Thanksgiving can be any day that we take time to note our gratitude, savor the joys, and contemplate our blessings. That doesn’t mean that everything in our lives matches our hopes and desires. It does mean that we are willingContinue reading “THE OTHER SIDE OF HAPPY .. . 11/24/2021 . Wednesday .”

THANKFUL FOR THE BUSY ONES… 11/23/2021 …. Tuesday! …

Have you ever tried being thankful in all things? For all the people in your life? My prayer is for those we may not naturally say thank you for:


This should be the link to the Facebook post and Streaming Grace page. If not, it should at least connect to the page. Hang tight this week and remember to savor and be thankful. 🍁💜💛💚🍁

THE HOKEY POKEY & THE CHURCH…. 11/18/2021 .. Thursday ….

What gifts do you perceive from the Church? Can it be an antidote to the violence and fear that seem to reign in our world? Can we work and sing and move together like we do in the Hokey Pokey? I am so thankful for my church experiences. Today my prayer is for all expressionsContinue reading “THE HOKEY POKEY & THE CHURCH…. 11/18/2021 .. Thursday ….”

ROYAL TREASURES … 11/15/2021 .Monday Prayer

Thoughts to Ponder: You are a Royal Priesthood. What does that mean to you? What royal treasures have you accumulated? How are you blessed and a blessing? Will you join me in Morning Prayer, not a beautiful prayer book prayer, but rather a prayer of the moment? Even now, I realize that it could useContinue reading “ROYAL TREASURES … 11/15/2021 .Monday Prayer”


I am also so thankful to have the internet now!