Thankful for those who make our world a better place. Tuesday morning Prayer – March 2, 2021

Who do you think of when you think of those who serve your community? Who are you thankful for that has inspired you or helped to nurture you? Please join with me in giving thanks for these people:

It’s Impossible!02.28.2021SundayHome Communion Live

For the One who Created life, deadness does not mean the End. For the One who is Love, nothing can stand in the way. Please join me in this time of Home Communion.

SEEKThursday Day 8 in Lent February 25, 2021

After this prayer on Facebook, I wrote out the words “ASK, SEEK, KNOCK” in a column. I never noticed that the first letters spelt out ASK! After that, I decided I definitely needed to email a friend and ask for help with some work. The friend had offered months ago but I hadn’t thought toContinue reading “SEEKThursday Day 8 in Lent February 25, 2021”

STRENGTH Lent Day 702.24.2021

Yes, you do have strengths, gifts that may be so natural to you that you don’t even recognize them. It is important to recognize them so that you may use them and be aware of how you are using them. Please join me in my ponderings and prayers on Facebook:

The Eye of the StormDay 6 of Lent 02.23.2021

Breathe deep, they say. Who can breathe deep when there is chaos all around? Sometimes I can but overall, I am not the epitome of the calm in the midst of crazy. However, I can call out for help to The Spirit who hovers over the waters of chaos. I can yell to One whoContinue reading “The Eye of the StormDay 6 of Lent 02.23.2021”

Living through LentFebruary 18, 2021

The season of Lent began yesterday. I missed it. I missed Fat Tuesday. And a couple of other days as well. A virus decided to visit our household, going from one to the next of us. We are still limping to health, but we are alive! For Lent, I am hoping to concentrate on beingContinue reading “Living through LentFebruary 18, 2021”

MOVING MOUNTAINS 02.10.2021 Wednesday

I need to figure out how to make more room for new videos here. It has me behind on posting, but I’m going to try. This prayer is about just that: courage to keep trying and believing and celebrating each tiny move. Please join me in prayer: Thank you!