TO SAVOR LIFE!6/21/2021

The air conditioning is out again. People who promised to pay, don’t. The list of projects to be done is growing. Hopes seem to keep running into dead ends. There is plenty to bring us down. But wait! We have a place to live. We have electricity. We have fans. We have a refrigerator andContinue reading “TO SAVOR LIFE!6/21/2021”

FOR CLARITY…. Friday, 06/18/2021

As one who ponders, it can sometimes be difficult for me to get clarity, to brush away the fluff, to find the heart of the matter. Jesus was asked what is the most important commandment and he quickly summed it up: Love God with all your being, with all your mind, and with all yourContinue reading “FOR CLARITY…. Friday, 06/18/2021”

HAPPY CAMPERS!…. 6/10/2021…..Morning Prayer

Sometimes I don’t even have the words to express the overflowing experiences of God‘s love. It is something that I want for everyone. Church camp was one of the places that I first began to grasp the reality of God‘s love. Some people have told me that they have not had those kind of experiencesContinue reading “HAPPY CAMPERS!…. 6/10/2021…..Morning Prayer”


I am so glad that perfection does not mean never making a mistake, but living fully with love. I am so glad troubles around us do not mean that we are being punished; instead they can be looked past to the tastes of glory and the fullness of God. I am so glad that noContinue reading “GLORY ON TAP — 6/8/2021 — HOME COMMUNION — — SUNDAY — —”


True power is found in Love. So often, I hear about the power to overcome, the power to succeed, the power of this, the power of that. Our society has so many ideas of how to gain power and how to help bring good. It is fascinating to me to see pictures of brain imagingContinue reading “THE POWER OF LOVE – TAKE TWO— 6/3/2021 —-“