COMFORT MY PEOPLE, COMFORT- 5/25/2021 – Tuesday

Grief. Sometimes life throws such loss at us, that we can barely breathe through our grief. Sometimes grief pops up years later for someone or some thing that we miss. Different people grieve differently and yet, grief is universal.

Faith can give us strength to keep moving forward. Faith can help us hold onto the good memories and to live out meaningful legacies. Faith can fill those places within which loss ripped out from us. Holy Love will not let us go.

Today I pray for all of those who are grieving. May you be filled with the strength and assurance of Holy Love by the Divine Comforter:



What do you believe about God/Universe/Wholeness/Divinity/Spirituality?

Today’s Home Communion focuses on the Holy Love, the Life-Giver, the Breath and Bread of Life.

I invite you to join me:



What to Give Up for Lent 🌺

Good morning, everyone!

Remember on Ash Wednesday that we are in the process of growing as humans. Your sins, mistakes, mess-ups are forgiven and cleansed away. They are not you. You are constantly being supported and transformed into a beautiful creation of God.

If you plan to give up something for Lent, maybe try giving up things that hold you back from feeling worthy of love and accepting the gift that you are.



I recently heard someone say, “Do something that you can lose yourself in.” … I think I must be really good at that. I have the amazing ability to lose track of time. I wasn’t surprised to discover that I hadn’t posted in WordPress since December. I tend to be a morning person but I can’t seem to get up early enough to do all that I want or need to do before work begins. I’m already 2 hours later than I thought I was today!

When I was younger, it was explained to me that there was CHARIS-God’s time and CHRONOS-people time. As I type these words in, I am prompted to type “charisma” and “chronic”. That should tell me something! Another word derived from Charis is Grace. Grace Time.

I love Grace Time. It is the grace to let me breathe in deeply when life is rushed and intense, breathing in the Breath of Life, the Spirit of Ultimate Love and let that fill me rather than anxiety. It is the grace that allows me to take walks and to be aware of the beauty all around. It is the grace that sometimes compels me to go in a different direction or spend time where I hadn’t expected. It is the grace that allows me to spend time with my grandson now that he’s not with me every day and to enjoy those moments. It is the grace that welcomes me to be me and offers love and acceptance.

All my work is still here and I do need to turn to it, but I an grateful for the Grace Time.

I’m also wanting to post some of the prayers and Communion times that I have missed posting. May blessings be yours in abundance and grace! May it be so. Amen.


Love is what it is all about. Let every circumstance open us to be transformed, knowing we are loved.


MAJESTY OF LIFE with Ryan #AdventWord


We’ve been looking at Advent Joy this week. I haven’t managed to put the posts over here, but here is the one for today. It brings me great joy because Ryan is here with me today. I hope you can join us with the prayer link.

WALKING IN HOPE – 1st Sunday of Advent – Communion Anywhere , Anytime, Anyone 🕯✨🍇🥖✨

Visiting my son, walking along the beach, looking out into the beauty surrounding his home, I am drawn into the journey of life. And as I ponder those questions of how much is planned or not planned, of looking within at the path I am on and where I might want the path to go, of being aware of God-With-Us in every circumstance and place, I pulled up the gift of the Annual Advent Word for 2022.

Today is the 1st day of Advent, the 1st Sunday of Advent, for many the “Hanging of the Greens” and the lighting of the Hope Candle. And the advent word for today is WALK.

Imagine what it would be like to walk in perfect peace. Imagine what it would be like for everyone to be able to walk in perfect peace.

We are called and welcomed to live in the peace of Christ. We are called and welcomed to live together as one with God, and with all people. We are called and welcomed to the Table of life and forgiveness.

Click on the link below to join me and everyone in Communion; anywhere, anytime, anyone. Blessings on your Walk.


Time to Re-build, Re-start, Re-new?Home Communion with Ryan 11.6.22

Life doesn’t need to be hopeless. Please join us in Communion and draw strength from The One Who is The Source of All Good Things.



It is easy for my heart to fill with joy and gratitude when I think back on every one who has inspired me along the way. 💜💛💚


Prayer Starers for 10/31-11/6/2022


I know we are told all the time to be thankful, to take care of ourselves, and all kinds of other things which are supposed to make our life better. To discover if any of these claims are true, we have to try them out. As November begins, I think it is a great time to try out truly stopping for a moment and praying and if you can’t do that, to at least think of one thing you are grateful for each day. I know it lifts my soul. I hope you find it does for you as well.

Trick or treaters are coming! What are we giving out? 10.31.2022


On this day before all hallows day, a day where we seek to be open to the spiritual all around us, may we not only pass out candy or trinkets but may we also let go of anything distracting us from the Holy.