COMFORT MY PEOPLE, COMFORT- 5/25/2021 – Tuesday

Grief. Sometimes life throws such loss at us, that we can barely breathe through our grief. Sometimes grief pops up years later for someone or some thing that we miss. Different people grieve differently and yet, grief is universal.

Faith can give us strength to keep moving forward. Faith can help us hold onto the good memories and to live out meaningful legacies. Faith can fill those places within which loss ripped out from us. Holy Love will not let us go.

Today I pray for all of those who are grieving. May you be filled with the strength and assurance of Holy Love by the Divine Comforter:



What do you believe about God/Universe/Wholeness/Divinity/Spirituality?

Today’s Home Communion focuses on the Holy Love, the Life-Giver, the Breath and Bread of Life.

I invite you to join me:


How do you handle those little, under-the-surface fears? The ones about your health, your abilities, your future, your family, your finances, your broken down car, etc.? Do you know what I am talking about?

My prayer this morning is to keep affirming your faith in a Loving Holy Spirit who comforts, helps, advocates on our behalf.

Let’s pray about this!

IS THIS IMPORTANT?….7/22/2021…Thursday Thought

Sometimes I can get caught up in things that feel important, upset me, drive me nuts, etc. Then I catch a glimpse of what is truly important.

That happened this morning. I wasted over an hour with the phone company. Then, I realized I was way behind schedule and opened my planner and up popped, “TO KNOW THE DEPTH OF GOD/HOLY LOVE”.

Suddenly, the rest didn’t seem that important after all.

Prayers to give yourself grace. The Divinity already has.

July 19-25, 2021 OPEN ❤️💜

Prayer starters from the beauty surrounding me this week:

M: For troubled relationships;
T: For those who are hungry;
W: To rejoice in God’s goodness;
TH: For those who are afraid;
F: For those promoting forgiveness;
Sa: To experience the depths of Holy Love;
Su: For those who are tempted.

….YOU ARE SOMEBODY….….. Sunday, 7/18/2021…. … Home Communion …

Barriers between people. Divisiveness, violence, emotional upheaval, fear. This is not who we were created to be! We were made for so much more. We were made to be in relationship, to teach and learn without judgment, to be overflowing in joy and love, peace and patience, goodness and generosity.

The celebration of Christ’s Table is a reminder of what can be and a releasing, cleansing new beginning of who we were created to be. It is a gift of love for you and me. We are somebody. We belong.

THE ADMIRABLES …7/16/2021 …… Friday Flames …

What will you do to earn a Gold Star or some other prize? I have blown bubbles with Super Bubble to win a t-shirt, raced to look up Bible verses to win a Bible, dressed up for Jazzercize to win an exercise shirt, and other sorts of crazy. That competitive spirit is obviously within me. Last night, my “smart” watch wouldn’t register enough times standing to close the fitness circle. Normally, it is way over. And this was going to break my perfect record. I stayed up to midnight, laying and sitting down, then getting up and jumping around, and it never did register. Ah! Sometimes, I can’t be perfect even when it is something I can usually do well.

The good news is that I don’t have to be perfect in the way perfection is often understood. My goal should simply be to allow Holy Love to stir up the flame of the Spirit within me.

This morning my prayer is a prayer of gratitude for those whom I admire, who have taught me by their presence in my life, who have poured love into my heart. That has been perfect for me!

Please join with me in prayer:

STEPPING OUT .. 7/15/2021 …Thriving on Thursday

I have a tendency to pull away into my own world, especially if there is conflict. I have discovered that no matter what our personalities or coping traits are, we can step out in faith. And, in stepping out, it is okay if we don’t get it all right, as long as we are living in a loving relationship with the Divine Presence of Love.

Here is my Thriving on Thursday prayer: