When you feel that you are not enough 11.30.2020

People have said for years that Mondays catch them by surprise. But those surprises can happen at any time; those kind of surprises that overwhelm us, that can make us feel that we don’t have enough resources, that we are not enough.

We have been given a Helper to call upon. Today’s prayer is a call upon the Holy Spirit.

HOPE IS HERE! 10.29.2020

Beginning the preparations for Christmas! I had a lot of work to do to just get started. I could no longer ignore the piles of clothes from where my closet rod had ripped from the wall. Figuring out what to do with them meant getting rid of some things and moving many others and creating other piles, which will hopefully be handled today.

This morning, I invite you to begin the preparations for Christmas on the inside of our hearts with a brief sharing of Communion and lighting the Advent Candle of Hope.


Have you ever tried smiling before answering the telephone? I taught a class online where this was one of the given assignments. I am not crazy about talking on the phone, so I was amazed how much better I felt when I tried it. Various sources share that being thankful and kind, using our strengths, caring for ourselves as well as others, and praying/meditating are ways to better well-being.

Another technique to increase positivity is to visualize what you want to see, a goal you have. Today on Christ the King and Thanksgiving Sunday, we are given a vision of how God wants us to live in Ezekiel 34 and Matthew 25. God longs for us to take the focus off ourselves and take care of each other, to live out of love as Jesus did.

We can be thankful no matter what because God is pulling us to be in the community who is blessed by love. May it be so. Please join me in this Communion video.


I just had to do it. I simply could not sit and work. Not until I moved my desk to a new spot which meant moving several other pieces of furniture and other adjustments.  Sometimes,  I just have to do it.

I realized this morning that I needed more than just a physical rearranging; I needed an inner one as well. I threw out that phone game that draws me in too much. I re-set my focus. I want to spend time where I need it, putting The Way of Love and Life first.

I’m going to need to pray a lot to change some of these habits. Will you join me in praying together?


My grandson’s school is practicing for a Thanksgiving meal today. Everyone was assigned something to bring. They will sit down together, practice their manners, and they will learn about Thanksgiving.

It seems to me that it is good to practice calming down, knowing that we are loved, and being able to focus on a bigger picture rather than provoking one another as often happens during Thanksgiving meals. Will you join me in prayer?