COMFORT MY PEOPLE, COMFORT- 5/25/2021 – Tuesday

Grief. Sometimes life throws such loss at us, that we can barely breathe through our grief. Sometimes grief pops up years later for someone or some thing that we miss. Different people grieve differently and yet, grief is universal.

Faith can give us strength to keep moving forward. Faith can help us hold onto the good memories and to live out meaningful legacies. Faith can fill those places within which loss ripped out from us. Holy Love will not let us go.

Today I pray for all of those who are grieving. May you be filled with the strength and assurance of Holy Love by the Divine Comforter:



What do you believe about God/Universe/Wholeness/Divinity/Spirituality?

Today’s Home Communion focuses on the Holy Love, the Life-Giver, the Breath and Bread of Life.

I invite you to join me:

I’VE GOT THE POWER!…. 9/26/2021 …. Sunday …… Home Communion …

So much of our time is spent striving, working, trying to make a place within our control. It is not a pointless struggle; we can bring hope and encouragement by what we do and say. (Although my attempts at brushing my hair before I started this morning appear to have been quite useless, and that is okay.)

Yes, we have been given a mighty purpose as stewards of the earth and a royal priesthood for each other. But there are times when we also need rest. Times to put away the work and enjoy the gifts of family, friends, water and earth and wind and all the beauty of nature and creation. There is Power in Rest. There is Power in Sabbath.

I invite you to join me in Home Communion below. And I invite you to join me in rest, and in the trust of faith, today.

I STILL FEEL THE WORDS… 9/23/2021 …. Thursday

What words still resonate in your body? Were you told you were precious, precocious, picky, or a pest? Were you told you were a beauty or a brat? So smart or so stupid? Growing and learning or incapable and doomed to be a failure? Those words have power.

What words do you find yourself using? If young ones are around you, do you hear them saying words that delight or horrify when you realize the words were learned from you?

Biblical Esther used her words with courage to save her people from massacre. Our words are powerful. Pay attention to the words you say and think today.

Please join me in prayer to create good with our words.


One of my favorite grandson stories is from a time when we were visiting in New York City for my son’s graduation ceremonies. Ryan had been overwhelmed by much of the stimulus during the trip, the train, the train station, and we were concerned because we had to take him on the subway that morning. My brilliant daughter had thought to bring comfortable Bluetooth headphones to help block out some of the noise. We got on the crowded vehicle and a kind lady let us sit. There was a large man across from us who looked angry at the world. I hoped this “in your face” child wouldn’t upset him further. I needn’t have worried because before I knew it, Ryan was sitting by this man, sharing his music, sharing stories of family, and soon our whole car was talking with each other like old friends.

Listen, and I will tell you a mystery.

Who knows what mysteries, what joys, what delights we miss because we don’t listen.

Today, let’s begin stopping for a moment in our busyness, let’s put away our fear, let’s stop worrying about words and reactions, and let’s listen. Listen to others, listen to The Holy, listen to ourselves. Just listen.

Listening is a powerful gift that we can all do . Even those who are deaf listen by observing. The gift is waiting on us to open up.

WHERE IS YOUR POWER?… 9/20/2021 … Monday …

I like to post right after I pray so it is fresh on my mind. Lately, I haven’t been able to get it all in.

This week the scripture has a theme of power, not power over, but power with. Power with love, with listening, with caring, with the Divinity.

Have you ever thought how powerful it can be when a person prays? What kind of changes occur around us and within us as we open our hearts in love?

I invite you to join me in the gift of prayer.