Lights that Shine!April 21, 2021 Wednesday

Thank you, thank you, thank you Administers, Helpers, Preparers, all who shine a light to make our lives easier. You are appreciated!

Please join me in prayer:

Is it really impossible? April 20, 2021 Tuesday

I catch myself sometimes dreading the day ahead. This morning was like that. I had two hearings and had not received some of the information that I needed for either one of them. I got the information for the first one about five minutes before the hearing started. I got the information for the other one probably two hours before, but after rearranging everyone’s schedule at our house to accommodate the second hearing, I got a phone call that the date had been changed and no one thought to tell me. That was about 10 minutes before that hearing was to start.

It was frustrating. Yet earlier in the day, I realized that I was dreading it, thinking it was impossible to get it all done, and I was able to change my attitude. Rather than complaining, I began giving thanks for the opportunity to do this work and putting the children into the Creator’s hands.

My recent prayer has been that the judge will make a decision that is best for the children whether it is what I am asking for or not. It has been a wonderful prayer, because I have been seeing that happening. I don’t know if it always will, but I am ready to trust the One who says to welcome the children.

Thank you for joining this Community of Prayer:

For the moms4.14.2021Wednesday

I have two hearings this morning, one where I represent the child and one where I represent the mother in Dependency and Neglect cases. Both children were born exposed to drugs.

Drugs cause a lot of the problems seen at Juvenile Court, but not all of them. Way too often, the root problem is trauma layered upon trauma. Mothers raising children as they were raised, which also included trauma or foster care, also traumatic.

My heart goes out to these and I pray for a way to really create a new way of being. With God all things are possible!

Please join me in prayer.

THEY DO WHAT?!4/13/2021Tuesday

Do not be afraid. Many times in scripture we are told to not be afraid. I sometimes wonder if what becomes “hate crimes” is out of a sense of fear. We have been assured of God‘s love and we can love others, all others. Offering God’s love to those who are different than us doesn’t mean we have to change our beliefs; it does mean that we can listen and treat each other with respect.

The Islamic Holy Month of Ramadan began at sundown yesterday. To appreciate the good in this observance does not mean you must become Muslim. It could mean that it might spark a flame of greater devotion in your own spiritual practices.

I pray that we will all let go of fear and violence and be open to the flow of God’s love in and through us to others. Please join me:

THAT’S GRACE Y’ALLHome Communion4/11/2021

How does Easter change our lives?

For me, it is trusting in the Power that gave Jesus life after death, that restored people to their personhood, that forgives our Sin and pulls us out of those pits of despair, guilt, unworthiness, self-pity, and all that stuff that traps us from being who we were meant to be. It is accepting our new state and accepting the invitation to be a part of Christ, sharing Christ Love and Hope.

That is Grace, Y’all!

Please join me in today’s Home Communion Worship: