ANSWERING THE CALL..9/7/2021 ..Tuesday Prayer

How is Wisdom calling out to you? Is it time to change directions or maybe to lighten up some? To worry less and reach out more?

Today I pray to answer the call of Wisdom:

OUT OF OUR MOUTHS … … ..9/6/2021 … Monday…

Words are powerful. Our words can bless and bring encouragement. Our words can curse and bring pain and discouragement. At Sunset today, the Jewish New Year begins. The religious tradition is to offer blessing upon the new year. May each of us, regardless of our faith or tradition, offer blessing on this and every day.

Please join me in the blessing of prayer:


I think learning to let go of trying to do it all may be one of the most important lessons that I am learning. Since childhood, I have wanted to be a part of every activity: dance, scouts, piano, band, groups, clubs, school – sign me up! No wonder my mother had a hard time remembering where I was on which day.

At the time, that was doable. Now it isn’t. I can not read every book, every article, every email. I can’t soak it all in if I hope to appreciate the beauty of life.

Sometimes I really do have to deal with problems that can overwhelm, as do we all. Health, finances, cooking, typing, house, car, pets, … fill in the blank for what gets to you.

It is for these times I pray for peace, for strength, for help. This is not our burden alone.

LETTING GO… 8/31/2021 … Tuesday with Ryan

Do you need to let go of seeing yourself as a failure, a loser, or some such limiting concept? Could this be what Jesus means when he says repent, turn away from these negative images of who you are and accept your belovedness?

I have been listening to Nicky Clinch tell her story of transformation in her audio book, Surrender. It has me pondering these thoughts. Sometimes our lives can be shaped by the way we perceived situations as children that aren’t even based in truth. One of my grandmothers believed that her mother left her when she was an infant and never came to look for her. With the help of the internet, I found out the truth was that her mother died at that time. I wish she had still been alive when I found out.

We are alive and no matter how old we are, it is never too late to find our truth. May it be so.

…… PROTECTIVE JOY ….…8/18/2021 …. Wednesday….

How does one have joy in the midst of pain? How does one have peace within a chaotic, destructive world? How does one love with a broken heart?

My thoughts turn to prayer, to taking those deep breaths of connection to the Source of Life.

With a little more time, I suggest drawing, writing, dancing, swimming, using musical instruments … those activities that let your thoughts and feelings tumble out without mental brakes or worry of how to do something correctly getting in the way.

My own feelings were pretty raw this morning as the violence in Afghanistan flashed up first in my face, along with political cartoons, etc. Interesting that society is dealing with massive anxiety with all of this, not only available, but ever present.

Now more than ever, I need to be reminded of the Ever Present Presence of Love, Life-Creating, Peace-Restoring Gifts of the Holy here with us.

My prayers are not written out, molded into beautiful words, nor even meant to be. They are my raw experiences of Faith, Hope, and Love.

I invite you to pray with me: