STRESSED?… 8/16/2021 …. Monday ….

Praying for all of those in need and for all of those who work together in meeting those needs. We have been given power to make a difference!

WHEN WILL I EVER LEARN?!…. 8/13/2021 ….. Friday ….

What is your take on Wisdom Literature? On the Wisdom Traditions in religion? Do you see similar threads flowing across these traditions?

Truthfully, I think that learning is a lifelong process. I am rejoicing today because I was able to help a little girl get her birth certificate so she can go to “school” like her big sisters. She is so eager to learn!

I pray to be as open and excited to learn as this precious child. Will you join me in prayer?

!!??!! CHANGE !!??!!… 8/12/2021 …. Thursday….

Thank you for joining with me today in my pondering and prayer on change.

The book referenced is Changing for Good, by James Prochaska, John Norcross, and Carlo DiClemente; Harper Collins, 1994. I saw it on my bookshelf in the middle of talking about it.

FLOW AND GROW… 8/10/2021 …. Tuesday

Where I live, school started back last week. Others may be starting next month, but the teachers and administrators and staff are already making plans and being creative.

In life, school is always in session. Opportunities abound to offer a chance to stretch our minds and hearts.

In college, we are asked to choose a major for our main focus of study. In life, we may not think about it, but there is truth that what we let flow into us will be what will grow and flow out of us.

My prayer is to Flow and Grow in the sweet fruit of The Spirit and for the schools and the students. God bless you all!

BITTERSWEET LOVE…. 8/6/2021 ….

Love is vulnerable. The blessings, the joys, the growth can all be beyond words. Yet, love unlocks the metal doors encasing our hearts, allowing heartbreak to saunter on in.

Love gives us a choice. We can celebrate and rejoice in the amazing goodness of love and be grateful or we can take that part for granted. W

e can let the hurts build up and become resentful and bitter or we can summon up the courage to forgive and work through this part.

In forgiveness, there is freedom. It allows us to be stronger, smarter, and victorious. Forgiveness gives grace to ourselves so that we can be made new.

I invite you to join with me in prayer this morning:

DISCOVERED. DISAPPOINTED… Tuesday with Ryan! … 8/3/2021

I typed “disappointed” into my phone. At least, I thought I did. When I looked back over it, “disappointed” was now “discovered”. That is more positive! But not quite the same. But I liked it and decided to leave both words.

I left both words because it made me think of the Olympics. Those athletes who are discovered sometimes become those who are disappointed that everything didn’t go the way that they planned.

It also reminds me of life in general. There are disappointments but there are also wonderful discoveries and surprises. And the Source of All can teach us and bring good even out of the biggest disappointment.

Ryan let me prayer first today: