EMBRACE THE MYSTERY – – May 16,2021 – Home Communion

Despite what your professor may think, some things are to be experienced rather than known. I could hashtag some people here, but that would defeat the purpose of experiencing heaven meeting earth in a unsearchable love, energy, mystery. You are invited to join me in Home Communion:


Don’t give up. That is one of the clear messages of The Bible; don’t give up. Life is a construction zone, sometimes very full of mess and disappointment, but God is the builder and can convert any failed area into something new. I am praying for the children and for all of us who needContinue reading “KEEP PRAYING THURSDAY 4.8.2021”


How good it is to have a sturdy hand to reach out to when we are stuck or have fallen! How important is the ministry of presence! In the “stay 6 feet apart” state of affairs, being present takes some creativity. Jesus reminds us of his presence as we gather around The Table of Love,Continue reading “LIFTED UPHOME COMMUNION 02.07.2021”