Don’t give up. That is one of the clear messages of The Bible; don’t give up. Life is a construction zone, sometimes very full of mess and disappointment, but God is the builder and can convert any failed area into something new. I am praying for the children and for all of us who needContinue reading “KEEP PRAYING THURSDAY 4.8.2021”

DARKNESS ALL AROUND02.04.2021 Thursday

Be open to the idea that it is through those dark, difficult times where faith grows and deeper intimacy to our Source becomes possible. When I was growing up, we sang a song called “Jesus Walked This Lonesome Valley”. The verses go on to add that you must walk this lonesome valley as well. Yet,Continue reading “DARKNESS ALL AROUND02.04.2021 Thursday”


On the Way doesn’t mean we are there yet, that the process has finished, that construction is complete. On the Way means learning and practicing love through all the twists and turns. Practice will make it easier, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be mistakes. Just watch your favorite basketball team. And turn to yourContinue reading “THE WAY OF LOVE01.28.2021 THURSDAY”