THE HOKEY POKEY & THE CHURCH…. 11/18/2021 .. Thursday ….

What gifts do you perceive from the Church? Can it be an antidote to the violence and fear that seem to reign in our world? Can we work and sing and move together like we do in the Hokey Pokey? I am so thankful for my church experiences. Today my prayer is for all expressionsContinue reading “THE HOKEY POKEY & THE CHURCH…. 11/18/2021 .. Thursday ….”

GIVING THANKS IN ALL THINGS… 11/02/21 …. Tuesday …

One thing that I love about November is that many people use it as a reminder to give thanks for something or someone every day. Some people and things are easier to be grateful for than others. I am convinced we can find things to be grateful about, however, in every circumstance and in everyContinue reading “GIVING THANKS IN ALL THINGS… 11/02/21 …. Tuesday …”


Prayers for those who are homeless Prayers of the Homeless: “Thank you that I have a good job, steady income, a house, a car. All is well.I can’t believe this person at my work! Are they purposely trying to drive me crazy? Are they trying to sabotage me or do they just like drama? HowContinue reading “SLIP, SLIDING, …”

SHINING BRIGHT . Mark 10:35-45.Home Communion . 10/17/21 .

Accepting the Cup of Christ is not a putting oneself down. It is believing in oneself enough to know that you can make a difference, that you can bring blessing, that the power of life dwells in you. You are invited to share at this Table of Love:


I think learning to let go of trying to do it all may be one of the most important lessons that I am learning. Since childhood, I have wanted to be a part of every activity: dance, scouts, piano, band, groups, clubs, school – sign me up! No wonder my mother had a hard timeContinue reading “I CAN DO ALL THINGS; YET, I SHOULD LET OTHERS DO SOME OF IT… 9/02/2021 … Thursday …”

FOR HARMONY AND JOY… 7/27/2021 … Tuesday and Ryan

And for World Peace! I love the Olympics and the possibilities that they hold. I pray for their safety, joy, goodwill, encouragement, and inspiration! Ryan is with me and his patience is running out with this sitting still, so here is our prayer:

BUILDING UP… 7/26/2021… Monday!

What do you love to do? How can you use that love to care for others, to offer encouragement, to build up? Sometimes I can beat myself up thinking that I mess up everything, that I can’t do anything well. But is that what really matters? Getting a gold star, blue ribbon, A+ on everything?Continue reading “BUILDING UP… 7/26/2021… Monday!”