July 12-18, 2021 … Let’s Pray!

7/12: To celebrate Divine Mercy;
7/13: To sprinkle Kindness;
7/14: For those who try to limit the Holy;
7/15: To step out in faith;
7/16: For those you admire;
7/17: To rejoice that barriers can be let down;
7/18: To be open to healing and transformation.!

Prayer Starters! 7/5/21-7/11/21:
7/5: for friends
7/6: thankful for…
7/7: aware of the Holy
7/8: for those in need
7/9: for those who are disappointed
7/10: to focus on blessing
7/11: to be lifted up spiritually

… thank you for joining with me in prayer.

Prayer Starters: June 28-July 4, 2021

6/28: To see the glory of creation;
6/29: To shake off the dust when needed;
6/30: To find hope in God’s strength;
7/01: To say YES to your calling;
7/02: For friends;
7/03: To rejoice in freedom and accept the responsibility.

Prayer Starters 6/21/2021 -6/27/2021:

Mon: To savor life
Tues: For those who are considered outsiders
Wed: For a spirit of generosity
Thur: For those who are grieving
Fri: For those who are lonely
Sat: To practice stress relief
Sun: To welcome all

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