How do you handle those little, under-the-surface fears? The ones about your health, your abilities, your future, your family, your finances, your broken down car, etc.? Do you know what I am talking about? My prayer this morning is to keep affirming your faith in a Loving Holy Spirit who comforts, helps, advocates on ourContinue reading “TREMBLING BONES… 7/23/2021”

STEPPING OUT .. 7/15/2021 …Thriving on Thursday

I have a tendency to pull away into my own world, especially if there is conflict. I have discovered that no matter what our personalities or coping traits are, we can step out in faith. And, in stepping out, it is okay if we don’t get it all right, as long as we are livingContinue reading “STEPPING OUT .. 7/15/2021 …Thriving on Thursday”

Popeye, the Sailor Man, with Spinach……… July 2, 2021 … Friday

Do you remember Popeye? When he needed strength, he popped open a can of spinach and poured it in. Paul makes a similar statement that he is fine when people call him weak because that lets the power of Christ show through him. For the celebrations of Independence Day in America, I am grateful andContinue reading “Popeye, the Sailor Man, with Spinach……… July 2, 2021 … Friday”

Daughters of the Holy One… 06/27/2021….Sunday Home Communion

“Woooohoo!” That was me yelling last night as my friend’s college team won the Baseball championship. It was a great game and both teams played their hearts out, but one team now gets to claim they are number one for a year. It is interesting how much rank means to us. People laugh when IContinue reading “Daughters of the Holy One… 06/27/2021….Sunday Home Communion”


It took me a long time to accept that I was being called into the ministry. A number of people have told me that I must’ve been mistaken because that wasn’t something women were allowed to do. Yet even as I was a child, I was the one who was chosen to be the preacherContinue reading “MAY YOU BE WITH THE FORCE5/19/2021”

Touching Lepers05.03.2021Monday

I titled this “Touching Lepers” and I don’t think I even mentioned the scripture in Matthew where Jesus comes down after the Sermon on the Mount and a man with leprosy asks Jesus to heal him. Jesus does the unthinkable: he reaches out and touches him. Jesus saw beyond the disease to the person underneath.Continue reading “Touching Lepers05.03.2021Monday”

Experiences of the NewMarch 4, 2021Thursday

How did you handle experiences of the new? Do you feel excitement going to new places? Do you feel a little uncertain as to what might be expected of you? Do you have outright fear of having to meet new people, learn new rules, finding your way around in new places? This morning with theContinue reading “Experiences of the NewMarch 4, 2021Thursday”