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THE OTHER SIDE OF HAPPY .. . 11/24/2021 . Wednesday .

My wishes and blessings to all for a Happy Thanksgiving! No matter where you live. Thanksgiving can be any day that we take time to note our gratitude, savor the joys, and contemplate our blessings. That doesn’t mean that everything in our lives matches our hopes and desires. It does mean that we are willingContinue reading “THE OTHER SIDE OF HAPPY .. . 11/24/2021 . Wednesday .”

LIVING THE GOOD NEWS 07/09/2021 …Friday Faith

Need. Disappointment. Check; they come in all sizes and shapes, all sorts of circumstances. The one certainty is that they show up from time to time. That is one reason to remind ourselves of all the good, all the unexpected happiness, the joy of faith, the assurance of belonging in The Creator’s Family. We areContinue reading “LIVING THE GOOD NEWS 07/09/2021 …Friday Faith”