WHO ARE YOU? 01.09.2021

The Christian church calendar moves pretty quickly from Jesus’ birth to his baptism. The gospel of Mark starts with John the Baptist and from there introduces us to Jesus. This Sunday, we are asked to remember our baptism. I am reading a book which posits that we all need to spend time looking inward toContinue reading “WHO ARE YOU? 01.09.2021”


Ritual grounds us. It connects us to the familiar and to the Loving Spirit. In those moments when we are participating in ritual, we may become aware of the blessings, the surprises, the wonders and joys, the callings given to us. I invite you to join me in the Ritual of Holy Communion Online.

ADVENTURE 12.14.2020

Are you eagerly anticipating what The Spirit will bring in your life? What do you truly want for Christmas? Are you ready to receive the gifts of Advent? Advent is an Adventure calling us to journey within and to ask these types of questions. Part of this journey is REST, the AdventWord for today, soContinue reading “ADVENTURE 12.14.2020”