THANKSGIVING FOR LISTENING…. 11/05/2021 …. Friday …

Being truly listened to so that you feel heard is one of the greatest gifts to receive. Learning to truly listen to others and to beautiful sounds around us is also a gift. Today, I give thanks for listening ears.

Grace Through Prayer Together

NOVEMBER: A MONTH TO REMEMBER HOW BLESSED WE ARE And some prayer starters to start the month off:11/01: Thanksgiving for those who shared Holy Love with us;11/02: Thanksgiving for elected officials who truly care;11/03: Thanksgiving for God’s surprises;11/04: Thanksgiving for those needing a miracle and receiving one;11/05: Thanksgiving for listening ears;11/06: Thanksgiving for joyful abilitiesContinue reading “Grace Through Prayer Together”

GIVING THANKS IN ALL THINGS… 11/02/21 …. Tuesday …

One thing that I love about November is that many people use it as a reminder to give thanks for something or someone every day. Some people and things are easier to be grateful for than others. I am convinced we can find things to be grateful about, however, in every circumstance and in everyContinue reading “GIVING THANKS IN ALL THINGS… 11/02/21 …. Tuesday …”


Prayers for those who are homeless Prayers of the Homeless: “Thank you that I have a good job, steady income, a house, a car. All is well.I can’t believe this person at my work! Are they purposely trying to drive me crazy? Are they trying to sabotage me or do they just like drama? HowContinue reading “SLIP, SLIDING, …”

October 25-31, 2021 … BE SAFE AND JOIN ME IN PRAYER (not necessarily related)

Prayer Thoughts for the Last Week of October; A Time to Celebrate God Love With Our Whole Beings! Mon: To love God completely;Tue: For the Homeless;Wed: For those who feel tempted;Thu: To have Hope;Fri: To know you are loved;Sat: For the safety of all;Sun: For those who have nurtured you in Faith.

FOR THE ARTISTS OF ALL TYPES… 10/22/2021 … Friday …

I am thankful for the beauty that surrounds us in music, visuals, sweet aromas, tangible gifts of Holy Beauty. I am thankful for each and every one who pours out their heart in a way that brings hope, joy, love, life to others. My blessings on all the artists!

. LIFE IS A GIFT . 10/19/21 . Tuesday Prayer

Prayer Starter: To rejoice in the Ordinary Each day we are given the Gift of Life. No matter how hard the gift may be to open or if we get hurt trying to open our gift, the Gift is still waiting on us to accept it and rejoice in it. Spiritual Practice for today: WriteContinue reading “. LIFE IS A GIFT . 10/19/21 . Tuesday Prayer”


In the down times, we probably don’t feel like joy at all, much less to try to think about joy. Sometimes, it feels better to grieve or whine. Yet joy comes from deep within. Joy comes from knowing The Higher Power is a Power That Comes to Us, Connects With Us, Dwells Within Us. ThisContinue reading “LISTEN FOR THE JOY . 10/13/21”