Have you ever tried smiling before answering the telephone? I taught a class online where this was one of the given assignments. I am not crazy about talking on the phone, so I was amazed how much better I felt when I tried it. Various sources share that being thankful and kind, using our strengths,Continue reading “WHY BE THANKFUL?”


I just had to do it. I simply could not sit and work. Not until I moved my desk to a new spot which meant moving several other pieces of furniture and other adjustments.  Sometimes,  I just have to do it. I realized this morning that I needed more than just a physical rearranging; IContinue reading “REARRANGING FURNITURE AND LIFE”

Friday the 13th: blessings of love and forgiveness

What is Friday the 13th all about? My understanding is that it relates to the crucifixion of Jesus. Jesus plus his 12 disciples equals 13. Judas was considered the 13th disciple, giving 13 a bad connotation. And Jesus was crucified on a Friday. What if we remembered what Christ has done for us every FridayContinue reading “Friday the 13th: blessings of love and forgiveness”


I have heard that anything that is worth your time, takes time. My grandson gets up in the morning saying, “I haven’t had breakfast yet.” I tell him I can only do one thing at a time, and fixing him breakfast is not first on our list. He will have to wait. Are we readyContinue reading “IN FOR THE LONG HAUL”