🌟JUST WHAT IS JUSTICE🌟 💫12/02/21.💫 Thursday. 💫 🌟ADVENTWORD🌟

My pondering and prayer this morning is a reflection on the Advent Word of the day: JUSTICE. I invite you to join with me: https://www.facebook.com/andshepondered/videos/300913425245321/

🌟 THE WAY 🌟 12/01/2021 🌟

How do you walk in The Way of Christ? My prayer this morning is that when we follow on The Way, we will live as Jesus did, putting our love for God, others, ourselves first. I pray we will not berate (bear-ate: don’t let the bear of destruction eat you up) ourselves and others. IContinue reading “🌟 THE WAY 🌟 12/01/2021 🌟”

THE HOKEY POKEY & THE CHURCH…. 11/18/2021 .. Thursday ….

What gifts do you perceive from the Church? Can it be an antidote to the violence and fear that seem to reign in our world? Can we work and sing and move together like we do in the Hokey Pokey? I am so thankful for my church experiences. Today my prayer is for all expressionsContinue reading “THE HOKEY POKEY & THE CHURCH…. 11/18/2021 .. Thursday ….”

GIVING THANKS IN ALL THINGS… 11/02/21 …. Tuesday …

One thing that I love about November is that many people use it as a reminder to give thanks for something or someone every day. Some people and things are easier to be grateful for than others. I am convinced we can find things to be grateful about, however, in every circumstance and in everyContinue reading “GIVING THANKS IN ALL THINGS… 11/02/21 …. Tuesday …”


This is World Communion Sunday! It is a gift of reminder that we are all part of The Fullness of God, a Unity wholly complete in all our Diversity. Christ proclaimed and lived out that All are Loved and Welcomed. Please join me in Communion at Home this morning on And She Pondered/Streaming Grace.

STRONGER WITH… 9/30/2021 … Thursday …

We are created to help and to be helped. We are stronger when we work together. Jesus tells his disciples that he will send the Holy Spirit as a Helper to them when he is no longer with them in the flesh. The same word, Helper, is used in Genesis as Adamah is created fromContinue reading “STRONGER WITH… 9/30/2021 … Thursday …”

FOR HARMONY AND JOY… 7/27/2021 … Tuesday and Ryan

And for World Peace! I love the Olympics and the possibilities that they hold. I pray for their safety, joy, goodwill, encouragement, and inspiration! Ryan is with me and his patience is running out with this sitting still, so here is our prayer:

….YOU ARE SOMEBODY….….. Sunday, 7/18/2021…. … Home Communion …

Barriers between people. Divisiveness, violence, emotional upheaval, fear. This is not who we were created to be! We were made for so much more. We were made to be in relationship, to teach and learn without judgment, to be overflowing in joy and love, peace and patience, goodness and generosity. The celebration of Christ’s TableContinue reading “….YOU ARE SOMEBODY….….. Sunday, 7/18/2021…. … Home Communion …”


You are the Leader. It is not as obvious as the actual game, but there are those who follow you for guidance on how to handle their own surprises, problems, opportunities. We are not responsible for the choices others make. We can not make anyone follow us or listen to us. We are responsible forContinue reading “FOLLOW THE LEADER – 5/12/2021”