Miracle Grow?4.29.2021Thursday morning prayer

For those who are heavily burdened: You are not alone. Your troubles can be opportunities to grow and learn when places in the hands of Holy, Life-Giving Love. May it be so. I invite you to join in pondering and prayer:

Thankful for Lent – why?Wednesday 3.10.2021

What are you thankful for during the season of Lent? Are you learning new things about yourself or others? Are you more aware of the beauty all around? Are you looking for Holy Moments? Today I am thankful for all the beautiful signs of Spring, of new life, for the world around us and forContinue reading “Thankful for Lent – why?Wednesday 3.10.2021”


On the Way doesn’t mean we are there yet, that the process has finished, that construction is complete. On the Way means learning and practicing love through all the twists and turns. Practice will make it easier, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be mistakes. Just watch your favorite basketball team. And turn to yourContinue reading “THE WAY OF LOVE01.28.2021 THURSDAY”