CAN’T TOUCH THIS!….. 07/07/2021……. Wednesday Welcome

What are some of the things you know not to touch? A hot stove! A roaring fire! Poison ivy! Poisonous creatures!

In King David’s day, according to 2 Samuel, this list included the Holy Ark of The Covenant. (Think Raiders of the Lost Ark) It was feared and yet also desired as it was considered to bring the Presence and Power of Yahweh to the people where it rested.

Many years later, Jeremiah reminds the people, who are now living in exile, that God can and will write the Covenant- the promise of relationship between this Holy One and all of Creation- upon their hearts. It doesn’t matter where they are or where they go.

Many more years later, Jesus tells his disciples that they are able to worship in Spirit. Any where, any time, we are welcomed into the Holy Embrace.

God is here even in crazy circumstances:

Published by andshepondered

I'm an ordained Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) minister, an attorney licensed in Tennessee, a mother of two grown children, and grandmother to one child with special needs who has helped me to be stretched, to ponder, to pray like never before, and to savor every blessing.

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