🕯🕯 WE CAN DO IT! 🕯🕯2/7/22 Morning Prayer

It’s in the tough times that we need these reminders to stand on the promises of God.


🕯A PLACE OF BELONGING🕯 Home Communion 🕯 🕯 Together 🕯🕯 March 6, 2022 🕯 🕯 Lenten Time 🕯

Jesus could have done every one of the temptations in the wilderness. And he would have done them well. Instead, he trusted God’s call to bring each of us into his mission.

It can be tempting for us to attempt to do it “all” ourselves. But it is in working together, in creating a place of belonging, that we are given the ability to feed the hungry, to seek Justice and Equity, and discover the Loving protection and Tender care of the Holy One.


CONTEMPLATE DIVINE GOODNESS🌟2/22/22 💖 2’sday Prayer🌟

An invitation to being open to the glory and love of God:




Prayer thoughts/starters: 2/21/22-2/27/22

2/21: To practice forgiveness;
2/22: To contemplate the goodness of God;
2/23: For those who need hope;
2/24: For police officers;
2/25: To rejoice in God-With-Us;
2/26: To enjoy being kind;
2/27: To be open to God’s Glory.

🕯🌟CLEAR THE PATH 🌟🕯2/17/2022 🌷Thursday Prayer

Nothing can keep God from loving us! But we can manage to listen to so many negative messages and forget how beloved we are.

Welcome to Thursday’s prayer:


YES! 💫2/4/22 with RyanFriday Morning Prayer

Bringing together our prayers for everyone involved in the Olympics, for their health, safety, harmony, and goodwill and for our own blessing in saying yes to The Holy Love.

Our area is iced over and school was out, so I have at least one prayer partner joining me!