It took me a long time to accept that I was being called into the ministry. A number of people have told me that I must’ve been mistaken because that wasn’t something women were allowed to do. Yet even as I was a child, I was the one who was chosen to be the preacher in our pretend weddings and funerals. I was chosen to be chaplain and even high priest of various groups during high school. Everything pulled me in that direction: my studies, my dreams, affirmations from people who knew me. And yet, I did a lot of pushing against that call and even running from it.

I guess you could say that I learned the hard way to finally relax and pay attention to the Spirit within and around me.

This past year, I took the Coursera version of the Science of Well-Being taught by Laurie Santos, a professor at Yale. Through the class assignments, I was asked to determine what my strengths were and how to work with them. I was amazed to see in writing, right in front of my face, that my strengths coincide completely with ministry.

This has been a reaffirmation for me of my calling. Some people may look at me and decide against me. But the Spirit is willing to work through each of us, according to the gifts that we have and to the amount that we say yes.

May we all choose to say yes to The Spirit! Please join me in my pondering and prayer today:

Difficult People. Amazing Grace.5/18/2021 – Tuesday

I am making a decision right now. I am not going to let difficult people get under my skin. I am going to pray for them. I am going to ask God to bless them. I am going to ask the Whole One to help them in their needs. I am going to look for Love to bring miracles.

This morning’s pondering and prayer:

EMBRACE THE MYSTERY – – May 16,2021 – Home Communion

Despite what your professor may think, some things are to be experienced rather than known. I could hashtag some people here, but that would defeat the purpose of experiencing heaven meeting earth in a unsearchable love, energy, mystery.

You are invited to join me in Home Communion:

HOW DO YOU TAP INTO HAPPY? – 5/14/2021 – Friday

I actually used to like doing taxes. Going through receipts would bring back happy memories of the past year, or remind me of things that caused me angst which didn’t destroy me after all. Putting it all together was like working on a puzzle.

But now that puzzle seems to have turned into a 3-D Ball of Confusion. The instructions say, “put in the amount of X. Figure out X on Schedule Death Maze.” There you are instructed to go back to X to insert the numbers needed. “Help!”

I have gotten distracted. I was on the theme of Happy. What helps you tap into your happy? Especially, you are dealing with the blues or taxes.

That is the subject of my morning pondering and prayer today. Please join me:


You are the Leader. It is not as obvious as the actual game, but there are those who follow you for guidance on how to handle their own surprises, problems, opportunities.

We are not responsible for the choices others make. We can not make anyone follow us or listen to us.

We are responsible for our own choices. We will make mistakes, we will have setbacks, failures, and also successes. That isn’t as important as the manner and the motivation of why we do what we do.

By living in love, loving others as Christ has loved us, we may have peace in knowing that we have done our best and that is enough.

Please join me in prayer:

UNFAILING LOVE.5/10/2021.Monday

Monday crazies! In the midst of this morning’s Monday Crazies, I read in Jeremiah 31: I have loved you with a love that lasts forever. And so with unfailing love, I have drawn you to myself.

Okay, I couldn’t find the important thing I was looking for, but getting upset wasn’t going to help. I might fail, but Yahweh’s love does not. Plan B can be made.

Having calmed down and continuing with what else needed to be done, I found what I was looking for completely by accident – looking for something else.

If your Monday or any day gets hectic, I invite you to join with me in Prayer:


Mother’s Day was set aside to honor the peace efforts made by women in this country. Somewhere along the way, it became a day to lift up the ideal woman/mother, which doesn’t seem to truly honor the real women who raised us.

The scriptures today in John 15 and 1 John 5 help point to what true “perfection” is. This word in Greek also means wholeness, completeness – integrity. They urge all of us to be wholly loving because that is the way Christ loves us.

I work with many diverse women and a number of them would be considered failures in our world. Some need to have their children removed for the child’s safety until the mother changes certain things. Some of these women show complete lack of care for their children. There are others who love them but don’t believe they can conquer the changes that are needed. There are others who love their children so much that they do whatever it takes to get safety and love for their child, sometimes acknowledging that the child may need to be raised by others. There are also those who make the changes! I love to see how they and their children glow when this happens.

Living fully with love is a gift made possible to all of us. Christ shows us the Way.

Please join in a time of Home Communion gathering together in Spirit and Social Media:

BORN OF LOVE5/7/2021Friday

Regardless of where you were born, how you were raised, who your family is, you were Born of Love. Each of us is born with the divine image, the divine spark within us.

As celebrations of Mothers and Families happen around us, remember that you too belong to a family of choice, a family of faith, a family of Love.

I invite you to join me in prayer: