I had to edit this live post because I tried to add music that I thought was in the public domain and wasn’t. I decided to edit the ending while I was at it because I kept knocking the candles over.

Shouldn’t I just skip posting it? I definitely considered it, but I couldn’t skip the proclamation that THE LIGHT BROUGHT LIFE AND THE DARKNESS COULD NOT EXTINGUISH THE LIGHT. (John 1)

No matter how we share The Light and The Life that we celebrate at Christ’s birth, we need to do our part of shining the hope and love and joy. Be a blessing! The gift of you is needed.


The AdventWord for today is MYSTERY. I relish being open to the wonder, the awe, the mystery of The Holy.
People from the beginning of time have worshiped according to their understanding of the Holy. Eventually people began to claim their mother goddess or father god as belonging to them, their nation. Wars were fought and people conquered in the name of their deity.
With Christ, came the message that not only was God One, but that this One Deity was for All People, and that victory was not through military might or oppression, but through Love.


Have you ever realized how much easier it is to rejoice when you are noticing the positives in life, like loving acts, smiles, beauty, simple kindness?

Today, I light the Advent Candle of Love and the AdventWord for today is Rejoice. I knew Love was the theme for this week, so I had been pondering it.  Thanks to Ann Weems’ poem about Joseph,  my mind went to those ordinary acts of love that I see all around. People are making sacrifices, mostly unnoticed, right before our very eyes.

With tears in my eyes over what I beheld: a mother inviting a young man into her home for Christmas, knowing this young man killed her son; a grandmother sharing how much the love of others meant to her because she was able to get a brand new toy for Christmas from Toys for Tots when she was a child; an older man who daily feeds an elderly man to whom he is not related; not to mention the sacrifices made by relatives for one another.

With these thoughts of love in my head, I could not help but rejoice. It is in this spirit that I invite you to share in Communion.


What a gift it would be if we all began to bless others, including those who hurt us! And imagine how it would be if we also gave ourselves the blessing of being loved and worthy to receive blessing.

We can bring light and healing love into being or we can project curses and harmful feelings into being. What we do and say and even think does make a difference.

Will you pray blessings with me?

ADVENTURE 12.14.2020

Are you eagerly anticipating what The Spirit will bring in your life? What do you truly want for Christmas? Are you ready to receive the gifts of Advent?

Advent is an Adventure calling us to journey within and to ask these types of questions.

Part of this journey is REST, the AdventWord for today, so think about how you are resting as well.