GOT TROUBLES?June 2,2021 – Wednesday

It made me laugh when I realized that the internet wasn’t going to cooperate! Just one of those troubles that can rise up and exasperate. Jesus did not lack his share of troubles. He held on and kept going with GOD LOVE holding him up. This morning, I pray as we deal with those troublingContinue reading “GOT TROUBLES?June 2,2021 – Wednesday”

LEAN INTO PEACE—- June 1, 2021 —-

Does your feeling of peace get disrupted when you are interrupted? Does it disturb your calm to get a call in the middle of your prayer, especially when you discover it was spam? Do you become unsettled when something gets lost and you can’t find it? So many things can interrupt those feelings of peaceContinue reading “LEAN INTO PEACE—- June 1, 2021 —-“

May 31, 2021 – June 6, 2021

Starting the day in prayer: 5/31: for those who served/serve in the armed services and their families; 6/1: to find peace within; 6/2: for those who are troubled; 6/3: to call on the power of Holy Love; 6/4: for those who teach; 6/5: to be open to ways of reconciliation and anti-racism; 6/6: to giveContinue reading “May 31, 2021 – June 6, 2021”

Thankfulness!— 5/28/2021 —

I am thankful for those who serve our country and for those who have sacrificed for it, especially those who have given their lives. I am also thankful that many of us will be able to finally see some of our friends and relatives who live in different places this weekend. Sometimes I can thinkContinue reading “Thankfulness!— 5/28/2021 —”

COMFORT MY PEOPLE, COMFORT- 5/25/2021 – Tuesday

Grief. Sometimes life throws such loss at us, that we can barely breathe through our grief. Sometimes grief pops up years later for someone or some thing that we miss. Different people grieve differently and yet, grief is universal. Faith can give us strength to keep moving forward. Faith can help us hold onto theContinue reading “COMFORT MY PEOPLE, COMFORT- 5/25/2021 – Tuesday”

SPIRIT PRAYER – 5/21/2021

Sometimes even writers have no words. Sometimes, exhaustion, frustration, worry, depression, pain, confusion, and whatever else can get in the way of knowing what to say. I take great comfort in the words of Romans 8, reminding me that The Spirit knows us completely and prays for us, even when we don’t have the words.Continue reading “SPIRIT PRAYER – 5/21/2021”