Gather everyone together!

Rev. Dr. Alvin Jackson used to share the image of a tootsie roll pop as being like people. We are different colors on the outside, but as he said, when you get to the inside we are all just the same. While we make make divisions based on what country we live in, which side of the tracks we are on, the color of our skin, the expense of our clothes, and who knows what else, Our Creator values and welcomes each one of us as precious children. Christ died out of love for every single one of us. It is out of this love that we gather together. It is in this love that we find our unity. This Holy Love breaks down all barriers so that we may be One.



I turn the overhead lights off before going live so that it isn’t glaring in anyone’s eyes. Maybe that is also a good metaphor for living our lives in faith that God is Love and Life-Giving Light, lived out fully in Christ. We don’t have to blaze it in the faces of others. We need to live out a relationship of love with The Love that Created Us. When we do, I’m not sure we can help but shine in the glow of being so loved.


I chose sleep over watching the debates last night. I figured that I will hear about them soon enough. I also didn’t want to hear one side or another yelling at us to “choose my way!” This morning I am praying that despite whatever our political affiliation may be, we will remember that we are called to follow a higher way. And I pray that this way of love will lead us beyond our divisions to a common ground.


Hearts rejoicing and hearts breaking: that is what I am experiencing today in my life. The excited fun of my grandson dressing up as a “90’s Dude” for school spirit week in contrast to the child abuse case this afternoon where the mother’s mother was found dead in the streets, her father in prison, the mother herself then sexually abused by several men whom she should have been able to trust to protect her. A turn to drugs and a child born with drugs already in his system.

I am praying for the safety of children and a blessing on them. I am praying to not give up hope for transformation in this broken world. I have seen miracles happen. I hope you will join me.


Despite the grumbling, complaining, arguing, and raging, God did not quit loving the people we read about in the Bible. God did not give up on them! Even now, when we grumble and complain and argue and rage at people who don’t agree with us, God still welcomes us with loving arms. We are beloved and transformed through the One who does not give up on us. Amen.