In the Twilight Zone?

I am now in my third day of trying to get my telephone number ported onto a new telephone. I have been told before that I have one of those anti-technology auras that makes things mess up. I’m beginning to believe it as I am now talking to higher and higher tiers of people in the company and we’re still at a loss. I’ll admit I have been through so many different emotions through all of this. I started out with understanding and recognition that the first person was probably new at her job. From there, I have gone through frustration, disbelief, anger, exhaustion. I told the lady that I’m on the phone with now that I walked into a Verizon store at 10:15 on Thursday morning and I apparently walked into the Twilight Zone. I wasn’t kidding.

I have a new appreciation of what is like to be oppressed or judged based upon your race, gender, country of origin, or any other exterior attribute. I haven’t completely given up, but it is hard to keep fighting even though I know it has to be done. There are times that I simply have to rest and pray and breathe deeply. At those times, I remember that I am talking to other people and that we are all trying to battle a computer glitch together. This has helped me to be nice and encouraging to those I am speaking with and they have expressed their appreciation.

I am reminded that my problem will eventually be fixed, one way or another. But many people don’t have that sense of assurance. They don’t know if they will survive or if their family members will survive the situations that they are in. Hopelessness and exhaustion can overtake them. A sense that it is better just to settle and make do can prevail.

Prayer is not just for resting and restoration. Prayer also is for us to listen to the call of Love. Prayer is the time to pay attention to dreams and to gather courage to work to make them come true. Prayer is a time to remember that we are made to be in community and that we must work together with the help of our Creator.

It would be nice to have all of the answers. I don’t. But I do know that prayer is the place to start. I hope you will join me.

Who Is God

Have you ever asked anyone, “Who is God?” I asked a group of third-graders that question and they suggested that God was an old man with a long beard like the famous painting by Michelangelo. I have also asked adults that question. Many have come up with the same image that the third graders did. Others have an image of God that is more like Neptune, ready to throw a spear or a bolt of lightning in judgment whenever they have done something bad. Some see God literally as a judge. Several see God as a father, caring for them. A few see God as a mother, nurturing them. Still others see God as a vague sense of universal energy. I’ve been reading a thread by several attorneys discussing whether the Higher Power of AA is considered God or simply something outside oneself. One friend of mine envisions God like her grandmother, sitting in a rocking chair on the front porch, waiting for her with arms wide-open.When Moses asked at the burning bush, the answer he was given was that God is I Am.

After much debate, the Church, once it was organized into an official structure, gathered leaders who determined that God is a Trinity:

  • Creator/Source/Father (Men were believed to provide all that was needed to make a child in those days);
  • Son/God incarnate (God in the flesh);
  • Holy Spirit (the breath of God giving life and help and moving everywhere, including dwelling within humans).

I believe that God is bigger than any box or name or any other limitations we can devise. Yet this “Mystery” draws us in, meets us where we are, treasures each and every one of us, sees our potential and seeks to help us grow fully into who we are meant to be. When we are willing to enter into relationship with God, we accept a responsibility to offer this same love and care to others in whatever way we are gifted and able. In doing so, we bring blessing to others and glory to God.

Our broken world is calling to us. God is calling to us. Let’s do what we are called to do and be.