Miracle Grow?4.29.2021Thursday morning prayer

For those who are heavily burdened: You are not alone. Your troubles can be opportunities to grow and learn when places in the hands of Holy, Life-Giving Love. May it be so. I invite you to join in pondering and prayer:


Don’t give up. That is one of the clear messages of The Bible; don’t give up. Life is a construction zone, sometimes very full of mess and disappointment, but God is the builder and can convert any failed area into something new. I am praying for the children and for all of us who needContinue reading “KEEP PRAYING THURSDAY 4.8.2021”

MOVING MOUNTAINS 02.10.2021 Wednesday

I need to figure out how to make more room for new videos here. It has me behind on posting, but I’m going to try. This prayer is about just that: courage to keep trying and believing and celebrating each tiny move. Please join me in prayer: https://fb.watch/3F5UofYvAN/ Thank you!


Before I can figure out one social media’s how-to, it’s off to another one! As confusing as it can be, it can also stretch us and bless us, and maybe bring some good news to others. “Can anything good come from Nazareth?” is the question Nathaniel asks Phillip in The Gospel of John. Can anythingContinue reading “TRYING SOMETHING NEW MORNING PRAYER JANUARY 13, 2021”