WHAT DOES IT TAKE?!… 7/28/2021 … Wednesday ..

What do you think your potential is? Do you think it matches what your Creator sees as your potential? One of the reasons that I love the Olympics is seeing people realize they have greater potential than they thought. One of the issues I have with the Olympics is the stress it can put on individual athletes.

What does it take to reach our potential?

One thing is certain and is now being verified and taught in courses such as “The Science of Well-Being” by Yale professor, Dr. Laurie Santos, is that we have to take care of ourselves and be there for each other.

We need sleep and exercise. We need to savor life and be thankful. We need to be kind and connected to others. We need to use our strengths. We need to meditate/pray/ listen.

I am so thankful that Simone Biles listened and recognized that she needed to step away for a bit to reclaim herself. I hope people will follow her example and know that is healthy and offers healing. Remember that Jesus did the same when people were clamoring for him to do more.

For some of us, living into our potential also means that we need to let go of the idea that humility means playing small, putting ourselves down. It doesn’t. Humility means letting go of self-obsession and worry, so that there is room in us for the Spirit to dwell and to care for others.

I confess that I haven’t had enough sleep while trying to watch the Olympics and keep up with life. I still offer my prayer to invite you to offer your own:

Published by andshepondered

I'm an ordained Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) minister, an attorney licensed in Tennessee, a mother of two grown children, and grandmother to one child with special needs who has helped me to be stretched, to ponder, to pray like never before, and to savor every blessing.

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