GRACE: IT’S IMPORTANT!… 6/30/2021 … Wednesday

I have known a few people who have had mental breakdowns because they knew that they didn’t match the standard of perfection which they felt was demanded of them by their religious beliefs. Yesterday, I read a document that brought forth those feelings in me. I finally turned off the computer and turned on college baseball.

This morning, I realized what bothered me so much about what I was reading; there was no mention of living in Grace!

Grace is important. We need to give ourselves grace. I’m not meaning ignoring where we have messed up. I’m talking about acknowledging it, making needed changes, and getting up to bat again.

Grace is especially important in the Christian faith because that is what it is all about. Christ died to show us how much we are loved, to roll out the welcome banner for us, to give us the opportunity to start over. Receiving Grace is what inspires us to offer it to others.

Paul reminds us in II Corinthians 12 that he had some thorns in his life that he prayed about. And he found strength in knowing that God’s Grace is sufficient.

Here is my morning prayer:

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I'm an ordained Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) minister, an attorney licensed in Tennessee, a mother of two grown children, and grandmother to one child with special needs who has helped me to be stretched, to ponder, to pray like never before, and to savor every blessing.

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