Two sisters in their seventies gave me comfort when I was pregnant with my second child who would be born 13 months after my first. I overheard one of them saying that when they were growing up, people always asked their father if they were twins. They were not, but they were not quite aContinue reading “COMMUNITY”


One year at a church camp for families, the theme was based on the Peter, Paul, and Mary’s “Garden Song.” I didn’t know the song, but parts of it stuck with me: “Inch by Inch, Row by Row, I’m gonna make this garden grow … Inch by Inch, Row by Row, someone bless the seedsContinue reading “HOW DOES YOUR GARDEN GROW?”

The Time is Coming

Connect. Connect the dots? Connect with new people through Meet Up groups? Connect through writing? Connecting in a COVID world? Teachers trying to connect with students virtually? Parents trying to connect with their teen-aged children? So many thoughts race through my head based on the word prompt, CONNECT. I can imagine that many other thoughtsContinue reading “The Time is Coming”

It’s Time for Crafts!

Does the word “craft” give you feelings of excitement or does it make you want to cringe? I’m in the second category. I would go to summer camp and bring home my craft creations and my siblings could hardly stand up because of laughing so hard. Girl Scouts, school, art classes – oh my! IContinue reading “It’s Time for Crafts!”