One of my favorite grandson stories is from a time when we were visiting in New York City for my son’s graduation ceremonies. Ryan had been overwhelmed by much of the stimulus during the trip, the train, the train station, and we were concerned because we had to take him on the subway that morning. My brilliant daughter had thought to bring comfortable Bluetooth headphones to help block out some of the noise. We got on the crowded vehicle and a kind lady let us sit. There was a large man across from us who looked angry at the world. I hoped this “in your face” child wouldn’t upset him further. I needn’t have worried because before I knew it, Ryan was sitting by this man, sharing his music, sharing stories of family, and soon our whole car was talking with each other like old friends.

Listen, and I will tell you a mystery.

Who knows what mysteries, what joys, what delights we miss because we don’t listen.

Today, let’s begin stopping for a moment in our busyness, let’s put away our fear, let’s stop worrying about words and reactions, and let’s listen. Listen to others, listen to The Holy, listen to ourselves. Just listen.

Listening is a powerful gift that we can all do . Even those who are deaf listen by observing. The gift is waiting on us to open up.

Published by andshepondered

I'm an ordained Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) minister, an attorney licensed in Tennessee, a mother of two grown children, and grandmother to one child with special needs who has helped me to be stretched, to ponder, to pray like never before, and to savor every blessing.

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